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Why are wetlands protected?
For a long time, wetlands have been dismissed as wasteland. Sadly, they have been used as dumping grounds, or filled in and channeled to "reclaim" them. Wetlands are now recognized as beautiful places with vital ecological functions and values. Wetlands play an important role in improving water quality and protecting water supply by filtering out pollutants, sediments and contaminants. Wetlands help to prevent storm and storm water damage by storing and slowly releasing floodwaters to rivers and streams. This is beneficial because it allows water to have a place to go during heavy storm events other than flooding basements and roadways. Wetlands protect fisheries and important habitat to wildlife, providing breeding and nesting places, protective cover, food and water. Most rare animal species depend in some way on wetlands for survival.


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1. What are wetlands?
2. Why are wetlands protected?
3. Where can I get a copy of the Wetlands Protection Act?
4. Where can I get a copy of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act Regulations?
5. Where can I obtain application forms related to the Wetlands Protection Act and the Woburn Wetlands Ordinance?
6. What interests are protected under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act?
7. What interests are protected under the Woburn Wetlands Ordinance?
8. What is the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission?
9. What is a resource area?
10. What is the "buffer zone"?
11. What is a "river" as defined by the Wetlands Protection Act?
12. What is the riverfront area?
13. What is the DEP?
14. What is the EPA?
15. As an immediate abutter to a project near a wetland, will I be notified of the Conservation Commission's Public Hearing?
16. Does Woburn have a wetlands map?
17. What are the filing deadlines?
18. Where are meetings held?
19. Where can I get a copy of the Groundwater Protection District Map?
20. How can I find out if I live in a floodplain?
21. Is it okay to feed wild ducks and geese?
22. What is the difference between conservation land and wetlands?
23. Where are the conservation lands in Woburn?
24. What are the rules of use for conservation lands?
25. Where are the Community Gardens?
26. How do I get a garden plot?
27. What are the rules for the Community Gardens?
28. What is Conservation Day?
29. Why is it important to protect our natural resources?
30. What can I do to help?