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Woburn is fortunate in that it has a continuous series of records from the day of its earliest settling in 1640. Unlike many older communities, there has never been a catastrophe that resulted in the loss of records. However, many of the records are brittle. Surprisingly, the records from the 1800's tend to be more fragile than the older records due to the type of paper used at the time.

Woburn maintains an integrated vital record filing system. There are many records that are classified as restricted records with access limited to certain individuals, such as a birth out of wedlock or the subsequent marriage certificate of any individual who was born out of wedlock. These records over the years have been permanently bound or "integrated" with the open records. Due to the fragile nature of many of the documents and the fact that there are restricted records integrated with open records, the records are not available in a public manner for inspection. The staff in the Office of the City Clerk will search the records and obtain copies as requested.

Copies of vital records can be obtained in two manners – either over the counter or by mail to the Office of the City Clerk. The fee for certified copies of records is $5 per copy and there is no additional charge just because the record is "old." Search fees are generally not charged unless the record search is extensive. You will be advised before a search begins if a search charge will apply.

If there is a specific birth record that you are seeking, you can supply the staff with the name of the child and the date of birth. Clerk here for Birth Certificate Request Form
For marriage certificates, provide the name or names of the married couple and the date of the marriage. Click here for Marriage Certificate Request Form
 For death certificates, provide the name of the decedent and the date of death. Unless you are certain of the information, it is recommended that you not provide payment until the staff confirms that the record is on file. Click here for Death Certificate Request Form

If you are not certain whether or not a record is on file in the Office of the Woburn City Clerk, a search can be conducted. For any births or deaths prior to 1900 and marriages prior to 1890, you may consult the "Woburn Record of Births, Deaths, and Marriages" complied by the Honorable Edward F. Johnson. Copies are available for public inspection at the Woburn Public Library and at times copies are available for sale from internet booksellers. The staff of the Office of the City Clerk can also conduct a search of the records. Please provide as much information as possible, such as names and the approximate date of the event. Keep in mind that in the early records of Woburn there were fewer family names and therefore there may be many records with the same first and last name.

Once it is confirmed that a record is on file, the staff will notify you and advise you of the fee for obtaining the copy. Most of the earlier records do not have actual certificates but rather are entries in ledger books. The staff will prepare a certificate based on the information in the ledger books. For many early records there is little more than the name and date of of the event available.