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Street Memorials
Memorial SquareStreet Memorials to Those Killed in Action

Designation Location In Memory Of
Service Conflict
1 Andriolo Square Wyman & Lowell Streets Radioman 2nd Class Charles Andriolo US Navy WW II
2 Archer Square Pine & Washington St. Walter S. Archer US Army WW I
3 Callahan Square Bedford & Burlington St. William J. Callahan US Army WW I
4 Campbell Square Campbell & Main St. Capt. George A. Campbell US Army WW I
5 Carlson Square Elm & Traverse St. Cpl. Norman Carlson US Army Korea
6 Corsetti Square Ashburton & Main St. Sgt. Anthony Corsetti. US Army WW II
7 Davis Square Willow & Bedford Road Seaman 1st Class Francis G. Davis US Navy WW II
8 Degan Square Hudson & Arlington Road Patrick Degan US Army WW I
9 DiCassio Square Mass Ave & Main St. Pvt. Daniel J. DiCassio. USMC WW II
10 Ferullo Square Main St., No. Woburn Field S/Sgt. John W. Ferullo Air Force WW II
11 Foley Square (Beach) Lake Ave & Arlington Road Pvt. Edward D. Foley US Army WW I
12 Flaherty Hall (Auditorium) Woburn Memorial High Sschool Pvt. John J. Flaherty US Army WW I
13 Frongillo Square Cambridge & Russell St. WO I John Frongillo US Army Vietnam
14 Gerrish Square Lexington & Burlington St. HM 3rd Alan R. Gerrish US Navy Vietnam
15 Gonsalves Square So. Bedford & Willow St. 2nd Lieut. Francis C. Gonsalves US Army WW II
16 Hammond Square Main & Scott St. Revolutionaryolution War Memorial Militia Revolutionary
17 Leland Park Washington & Erie St. T/Sgt. Allen F. Leland Air Force WW II
18 Leland Park Washington & Erie St. T/Sgt. Warren F. Leland US Army WW II
19 Lynch Park Arlington Rd. (Horn Pond shore) Pvt. Charles H. Lynch US Army WW I
20 Malatesta Square Fowle & Main St. Guy & Andrew Malatesta Air Force WW I & II
21 Moran Square Salem & Beach St. Arthur M. Moran US Army WW I
22 Moore Square Conn & Bryant St. S/Sgt. James B. "Dinty" Moore Air Force WW II
23 O'Brien Square (Rink) Joyce Jr. High School, Willow St. Seaman Edward S. O'Brien US Navy Vietnam
24 O'Neill Square School & Merrimac St. Cpt Charles L. O'Neill USMC Vietnam
25 Phalon Square Willow & Lexington St. Mary Phalon USMC WW II
26 Quimby Square Quimby & Burlington St. Leon M. Quimby US Army WW I
27 Reeves School Reeves School, Lexington St E.M. 3rd Class Clyde E. Reeves US Army WW II
28 Shamrock School Shamrock School, Eastern Ave. Shamrocks Football Team
29 Smith Square Central & Montvale Ave. Herbert Smith
30 Verdun Square Pleasant St Arlington Rd Harry D. Guy US Army WW I
31 White Square Campbell & Montvale Ave. John W. White US Army WW I
32 DeLuca Square 299 Washington St (Elks) Sgt. 1st Class Joseph J. Deluca, Jr. US Army Korea
33 Charles T. Foley Square Arlington Rd & Lake Ave (island) PFC. Charles T. Foley US Army Korea
34 Maclssac Square Arlington Rd & Lake Ave (island) Sgt. George L. Maclassac, Jr. US Army Korea
35 Langone Square East Nichols & Main St. Sgt. Anthony L. Langone US Army Korea
36 Began Square Buckham & Main St. PFC John H. Began USMC WW II
37 Gangi Square Montvale & Prospect St. (Crestview) Charles Gangi USMC WW II
38 Slack Square Main & School St. Pvt. George E. Slack USMC WW II
39 Ryan Square Main & Chestnut St. Cpl. Joseph Ryan Jr. US Army WW II
40 Kerrigan Square Harrison Ave. & Winn St. Sgt. Donald K. Kerrigan USMC Korea
41 Drew Square Lawrence & Warren Ave PFC Joseph L. Drew USMC Vietnam
42 Darling Square Darling Dr & Lowell St. Cpl William B. Darling Jr. USMC WW II
43 McMahon Sq Main St & Coolidge Rd Cpl Charles McMahon USMC Vietnam
44 Callahan Sq Sturgis St & Beacon St SFC Keith A. Callahan US Army Iraq
45 Rupp Square Arlington Road (Horn Pond shore/Lynch Park - across from Hudson St.) Pvt. Charles W. Rupp US Army WW I
46 Christie Square Johnson Street at Main Street Pvt. David B. Christie US Army WW I
47 Thompson Square Main St. at Clinton St. Daniel Thompson Militia Revolutionary

Stokes Square

Webster Ave. & Stokes Circle

PFC Earl E. Stokes   US Army WW II